All about Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis edibles are not yet legal in the U.S. although they may be decriminalized in certain jurisdictions (see your local state laws). While cannabis is a naturally growing plant that has been widely used for thousands of years, the fact is that eating is still remains a riskier idea than smoking or vaping it. The recommendation is for users new to marijuana is to try vaping it, as this is the most precise and healthiest means of consumption; however, if you truly prefer to eat it, here is a couple of things that you should know in regards about the consumption of marijuana edibles.

Users overestimate how much to consume

There have been a few studies about marijuana use and hospital visits, and evidence has shown that you are thirty three times more likely to end up in the ER if you use edibles instead of vaping or smoking your cannabis. Dr. Andrew Monte’s study is fascinating because it basically proves that users consistently over-estimate how much to eat and end up dealing with negative effects.

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Users may experience adverse reactions

Edibles are simply more toxic than gently vaped marijuana. People have reported severe symptoms including anxiety, extreme paranoia, pounding heart, sweating, and even delusions and hallucinations. Marijuana edibles may have a purpose but they really should be reserved for experienced users that have built up a tolerance. Jumping in feet first into cannabis edibles is not the smartest idea.

Users should start with lower dosages

Users are never recommended to exceed a dose of 10mg, and lower doses tend to be more effective and produce fewer side effects. The current recommended starting dose is between 2.5 mg to 5 mg max. The reason for this is the mode of action is different when cannabis is taken in orally. You may be fine the first hour, but as the THC absorbs, you will begin to experience the effects in full and it’s important that you don’t become impatient and over consume.

Users should not mix them with drugs and/or alcohol

Dont Mix

Most people consume marijuana edibles to get high, not for health benefits, so the temptation to mix may be there. Do not do this! The use of alcohol and edibles together will cause additive depressive effects and the likelihood of experiencing psychotic issues will increase. Alcohol will increase the amount of THC available in your blood so you could end up on a trip that is not so fun.