Vaporizers Will Save You

No anti-smoking campaign is strong enough and no warning compelling enough to persuade smokers to quit smoking. In spite of knowing that tobacco smoke contains injurious substances that can affect the heart, the lungs and even cause cancer, it’s hard to give up the habit. Now however, smokers have an alternative where they can inhale without absorbing the harmful toxins—vaporizing.

Vaporizing claims to be a relatively safe alternative in which herbs and plants are not heated to the extent where compound burn and release toxins, but just enough to release their active compounds into the vapor, which is inhaled. There are portable vaporizers, vaporizer pens and desktop vapes. 

Vaporizers Will Save You

Vaporizers come in many forms and one such is the PALM 2.0 Vaporizer, which is said to have come to the market at the end of 2012. Manufactured by VaporBLUNT Company of Chatsworth, California, it succeeds the Palm Original.

Palm 2 is small, compact, portable and can be used even while on the go. It has a thick polycarbonate outer shell, a rechargeable NIMH battery that allows the substance to vaporize and steel rods inside the heating chamber that’s made of ceramic. A plastic air path and a screen that can be replaced ensures two things: optimal performance and easy maintenance. The unit doesn’t have a switch and functions by inserting and removing the battery when required. Once you get the hang of it, this system seems to work quite well.

Vaporizers Will Save You

It’s compact size works in its favor: it’s portable (said to be the smallest vaporizer in the market) and the manufacturers have such immense faith in their product that they offer a lifetime warranty. A charger, two rechargeable AA batteries, two mouthpieces, a cleaning brush come along with the vaporizer.

To use the vaporizer, insert whatever material you use, into the filling chamber. Do ensure that the herb is ground to a nice powder. A fine mesh screen provides an extra layer of protection and also prevents the blend from flowing through the air path. The battery provides the heat and converts the material in the chamber into vapor, almost immediately. An indicator light shows that the vaporizer is heating, and the heating element heats up very fast. It reaches a high of 350 degrees F. A fully charged battery gives the user 30 minutes of continuous vaporization.

The mouthpiece is located at the top of the vaporizer, and the way you draw is going to determine the temperature inside—if you hold the battery in for longer and take slower draws, it will raise the temperature. Slow, steady breathes for 3-5 seconds will ensure that you get the best out of your vaporizer and blend. The way you use your breath in conjunction with the heating element helps decide the quality of vapor.

It’s advisable to remove the battery once you finish taking a draw, else it could cause overheating of the blend.

Vape away and quit smoking once and for all.

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